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For kids who attended Kindergarten through 6th grade in the 2016-2017 school year.

Beyond thrilling! Exciting to explore! Breathtakingly beautiful! Full of treasure!
Words that describe the Arctic for sure, a fascinating region like no other in the world. But go back and read those words again - they can also be used to describe the coolest book on the planet - the Bible. It's mind-blowing to think that the God who made the universe wrote us a book - a book that is beyond thrilling, exciting to explore, beautiful, and full of treasure. Now if that isn't worthy of our attention, what is? Get ready for the thrill of exploring this one-of-a-kind treasure as we build on the following BIBLE acronym each day:

B -Book of Books - On Day 1, we'll discover there's just no book like it, unique in so many ways!

I - Incredible Impact - On Day 2, we'll explore the impact the Bible's teachings have had upon the world!

B - Bedrock Base- On Day 3, we'll see there's no shifting sand here! We've got the Rock of God's Word to base our lives on!

L - Letter of Love - On Day 4, we'll encounter the best love letter ever, written to us by God Himself!

E - Exciting to Explore - On Day 5, we'll be challenged to learn it, love it and live it!

Our explorers will begin warming up to the Word from the very first minute they arrive at Operation Arctic. The mission begins at Snowfall Station with the Opening Assembly, a high-energy opening with entertaining welcomes, rockin' songs, a mission moment, and prayer.

Then we're off to four fun rotation sites:

  • Treasure Point, the Bible lesson location Here, explorers discover what a gem God's Word is as they learn important Bible truths in fun and creative ways.
  • Klondike Corner, the snack spot Explorers won't want to pass up the cool treats that are waiting to melt in their mouths.
  • Glacier Gap, the recreation location At this spot, explorers discover that preparation is "snow" easy and games are filled with chills and thrills.
  • Discovery Pass, the science and craft spot where explorers do daily crafts and a few experiments for a great mix of learning and fun!

After finishing the day's rotations, everyone heads back to the Snowfall Staton for the Closing Assembly that includes more singing, a Creature Feature, contest results, and the greatly anticipated daily drama, which is a highlight of the kids' day. The drama begins in the city with a high-powered exectutive who is fed up with the rat race. He decides to move to the wilderness for a quieter, simpler existence. Little does he realize all that's in store - missing treasure, goofy bad guys, unexpected visitors, and plenty of action!

Sound fun? Then let's plunge on in to this cold world and God's wonderful Word! It promises to be a flurry of fun and excitement at Operation Arctic! Let's go!

............................................................................................................................................................ Operation Arctic FAQ’s

What ages are eligible to come to Vacation Bible School? All children who are currently in Kindergarten – 6th grade are eligible to come, so invite friends and neighbors to come!

Is anyone eligible to volunteer at VBS? We only allow teens and adults who have attended Marysville Grace at least 6 months to volunteer at our VBS. They also must have a completed Children’s Ministry application on file, which includes two reference checks and a background check.

Are Volunteers’ kids who are younger than Kindergarten eligible to come? Yes! We have full childcare for Infants and Toddlers of our VBS Volunteers. We also have a full VBS curriculum for our 2yr olds – PreK.

What should my child wear? Casual attire is best (shorts, t-shirts) with close-toed shoes (no flip flops, please; tennis shoes preferred). Your child will have a game time outside every day, and they will need to be comfortably dressed. Also, sometimes crafts can get a little messy, so wear something that you don’t mind getting dirty. Put Sunscreen on your child before dropping them off.

What should my child bring? As little as possible. They will be moving from room to room, and unnecessary stuff can get lost easily. What types of snacks will you serve? Check back in May for details! • Monday, June 26 • Tuesday, June 27 • Wednesday, June 28 • Thursday, June 29 • Friday, June 30

How will my child’s food allergies be handled? Make sure you indicate any allergies on your child’s registration form. We have a daily snack and also provide Rice Chex as an alternative. If what we provide doesn’t work for your child, you are welcome to provide your own snack. Please give it to your child’s group leader at drop-off.

How do I know what group my child will be in? We usually finalize the groups on the weekend before VBS begins so when you check in your child, your child will have the group’s assignment next to his/her name.

Can my child be in a group with a friend? We try to honor requests for your child to be with their friends. All our games, crafts and lessons are geared towards specific ages, so if there is a large age gap between children (more than one grade) we would ask that your child stays in their age appropriate group.

What time should I bring my child? Come early on Monday since it’s the first day it takes a little longer to get checked in.

Our opening session starts at 9:15am so make sure you arrive in time for them to get checked in and get your children to the Worship Center for our opening. Your kids won’t want to miss it!

We do ask that you walk your child into the building and drop them off at their group each day.

How do I pick up my child? Please park and come in to pick up your child(ren). We will ask you to show your security tag upon entry into the building. Once you show your security tag to those at the Registration, you are allowed entry into the Worship Center to pick up your child. Please remember your child’s group name and you are also required sign out your child on the class roster.
If you forget or lose your child’s security tag, you will be asked to step aside and wait in the Gathering Area until most of the other children have left, then the Children’s Ministry Director will verify whether your child can be released to you.

What if someone other than me is picking up my child? Please let your child’s leader know at drop-off if someone other than you is picking up your child. Be sure to give your child’s security tag or send a picture of it to that person. If that person does not have your child’s security tag, he/she will be asked to step aside until you can be contacted.

Is there a cost? No, but we feature a missions project that we will be highlighting throughout the week. Feel free to give a donation for that project.

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